EDF is committed to making carbon-free electricity the fuel of the future

The transport sector is now the main contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. Consequently, carbon-free electricity is the solution of the future to ensure clean modes of transport. With an 90% CO2-free global energy mix1 , the EDF Group has a major role to play.

[A spot about the electric mobility, setting the adventures of a woman during her travels].

A woman in a gift shop: In life there are those who know how to travel and then there is me.

Her bus leaves without her.

The woman: It's a curse. Really. When it's not the crappy neighbors, I take the wrong suitcase, and of course when you think it's over, in fact ... it's barely starting.

A shepherd gives her directions in an incomprehensible language.

The woman reappears near an electric charging station.

The woman: That's why this year, I decided to play it calm ... in electric.

Ensue photos of her and her friend near charging points.

EDF group installs 5,000 new charging points per month to help you go electric.


1 Direct CO2 emissions, linked to production, excluding the life cycle assessment (LCA) of production facilities and fuels – Figure from 31/12/2020 – Source URD 2020 of the EDF Group / page 19



A subsidiary of the EDF Group and a leading player in the electric mobility market in France, IZIVIA is the owner and operator of the first fast charging network on motorways in France (Corri-Door)

A eurpean charging stations network

EDF electric vehicle charging: rolling out charging stations

Between January and June?2021, EDF Group rolled out on average each month over 5,000?charging points in France, the UK, Italy and Belgium.

Locating electric charging stations

The 3 pillars of our electric mobility ambitions by?2023

In France, the UK, Italy and Belgium



market share in electricity supply for electric vehicle owners



charging station



smart charging stations

By 2030, 100% of?EDF's light vehicle fleet will be electric

EDF is the first French company to join the EV100 initiative, led by the international non-profit organisation The Climate Group. EDF Group is committed to converting all its fleet vehicles to electric power in France by?2030, thereby contributing to the development of a low-carbon society. On 31st?December 2020, more than 12%?of the Group's light vehicles were already electric. 2,400?EDF sites around the world are concerned by this transition.

EDF, your electric mobility provider

Electric mobility is already a reality. For individuals, companies or communities, EDF has dedicated offers, which include the supply of low-carbon electricity and charging solutions.

French Video

Smart charging: an energy source

The growth of electric mobility requires smart charging solutions. Thanks to smart charging, the charging of electric vehicles can be intelligently controlled to take full advantage of periods when electricity prices are the most attractive. In its most advanced form (vehicle-to-grid), smart charging even turns the vehicle into an actual electricity reservoir.

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